Liisa Saaremäel is a performance artist from Tallinn, Estonia. After earning a BA in Acting from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT), she joined the Estonian Drama Theatre, where she worked 2016-2020 as an ensemble member. After obtaining an MA degree in Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM) in EAMT, she is currently working as a freelance artist in Estonia and internationally. Her practice focuses on societal co-existence from an individual’s perspective, in which compressed space is an essential poetic component.Her works often exit conventional performance spaces and ways of creating to explore in-between areas in performing arts. Site-specificity and community-based approach characterize her process design which is also visible in her artistic outcome.

Liisa recently created a concert-performance “SCREAM BOX” (2023) in Kanuti Guild Hall, where she focused on tiny voice box and huge screams and site-specific performance “Destination Unknown 12hmr” (2022) in collaboration with Emer Värk, that premiered in Baltoscandal Festival and brought together the actual graduates of high school by the re-enactment of their actual graduation party that took place few weeks before the performance. Besides her own artistic projects Liisa has taken part as a performer in many theatre pieces, lately in Pasolini’s “Theorem” (2022) by Juhan Ulfsak in Estonian Drama Theatre.

She has been nominated 4 times to Annual Awards of Estonian Theatre and won in 2022 the prize of best performance art piece with her site-specific performance “Tiny Home Production presents: LARGER-THAN-LIFE” (2021) that took place in the Garage Cooperation in Paljassaare, Tallinn.

Liisa Saaremael
Liisa Saaremäel
Liisa Saaremael