Destination Unknown 12hmr

Destination Unknown 12HMR

Premiered: July 2022 in Baltoscandal Festival

On 21 June 2022, the graduation party of the 48th class of Rakvere Reaalgümnaasium took place here at the Carola bar. Almost everyone was here. The bar was open; they partied and danced. They kissed people they hadn’t kissed before. They asked the DJ to play their favourite songs and enjoyed a party programme with several surprises. Their own school band Kunnelistid played while someone was already passed out in the bathroom. The party ended in the morning. Some went on to Olerex but that isn’t important anymore.

We have asked the party-goers to return to the Carola bar to see it as they left it. The playful elements and events of the party have been immortalised in Carola as a performative installation.
This is the space we share now – the physical space where this collective experience took place as well as a space of expression in which to playfully tackle the burning questions graduates are faced with: What is this moment? What has ended and what is next? What is this involuntary community in which we spent three years and which we now remember voluntarily, sentimentally?

Let’s get together and discuss. Why not.

The flowers have withered and the moment with them.

You may remember that moment but I don’t believe you.

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Artists: Liisa Saaremäel and Emer Värk
Sound: Kirill Havanski
Technical production: Kristiina Tang
Graduates: Erling Eding, Taavi Laur Plotnik, Kadri-Ann Väärsi, Lilian Orgus, Katre Kotiesen, Hannaliisa Rebane, Melany Virkala, Erik Aart, Kermo Aart, Dmytro Umantsev, Õnne-Elisabeth Maripu, Rasmus Remiküll, Marko Kuhi, Romet Ritari, Ere Mai Kool, Andra Kirs, Henri Lukas Lepik, Anete Budrikas, Ott Isakar, Karoliina Puusaar, Kaupo Pikhof, Kristiina Nasikovski

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Destination Unknown 12hmr
Destination Unknown 12hmr
Destination Unknown 12hmr
Destination Unknown 12hmr
Destination Unknown 12hmr