False Falling


Premiered: 25th of August 2023 19:00 at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (STL)

Choreographer: Keithy Kuuspu
Performers: Liisa Saaremäel, Martina Georgina, Agnes Ihoma, Anumai Raska, Arolin Raudva
Dramaturg: Laura Cemin
Stage design and technical production: Tõnu Narro, Tarvo Porroson
Sound designer: Mihkel Maripuu
Light designer: Mikk-Mait Kivi
Costumes: Kaisa Põvvat

Premiere: 15th of June 2021 21:00 at the Green Hall, Telliskivi Creative City, STL
Duration: 2,5 hours

Photos: Alan Proosa

The metal frame feels cold, under my palm. My right hand touches the lower pole and I press it to find the right grip. The left follows, just one level higher. I blink my eyes open, but somehow I fail at / If the clouds moved, the beam of light would blind me. I touch my nose instead. I can no longer balance on the edge of this structure, weak as a thought only living in / The task was to climb up and look at them in the eyes. From here, everything seems small but big simultaneously. I taste the grey dust moving in the air – I don’t even know what it is – what is it?/ I was thinking about this exercise. Am I doing it right? Am I saying what I am thinking or am I thinking only because I need to speak my / The extremely loud sound has made my head silent. There is nothing to hear here. I’m here, all done. I guess it’s over. Game / The metal frame feels cold, under my palm

Surrounded by a landscape of fragile plaster and stiff metal structures, 5 delicate bodies perform cycles of gestures on the border between functionality and uselessness. By placing/fitting themselves inside these constructions that at times allude to an absurd gym, or perhaps an oversized playground, the performers constantly search for the ephemeral moment that precedes exhaustion and success, and test the (im)possibility of reaching the ultimate goal. A game of building and failing expectations, a play between tangible and invisible realities.

“False falling” is a performance that stretches time. Through daring and listening, it looks at the similarities and gaps between mental and physical endurance, embraces failure and wonders between its possible/multiple definitions.


False Falling
False Falling
False Falling
False Falling
False Falling