private party


Tallinn Botanical Garden / Artishok Biennale 2022 

"Private Party" is a voyeristic video piece inspired by the everlasting identity crisis of botanical gardens. The arist sets the lens towards the hidden everyday of Tallinn Botanical Garden to capture people's extraordinary events. The voyeristic approach of the work exposing not only the people partying in the transparent aquarium but also the desires of the artist looking is a fresh way to offer institutional critique by balancing this by questioning the one who is critiquing. The piece was part of the official program of Artishok Biennale 2022.

more info:

Concept, cinematography and montage: Liisa Saaremäel
Technical help and feedback: Emer Värk
Thanks: Tallinn Botanical Garden, Tiit Ojaveski, Jaan Mettik, Johannes Säre, Emer Värk

Private party